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How to become invisible on the Internet

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The book by Kevin Mitnick, ex-hacker and computer security consultant, The Art of Being Invisible and 7 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Privacy in the Age of Surveillance.

The most important rule is that in order to be invisible on the Internet, you need to create a separate person who will not be associated with you in any way.

Buy multiple devices that you only use when you need to be anonymous.

Buy inexpensive laptops, mostly with Windows, Linux, or Ubuntu. The reason the author does not recommend macOS is the high cost of Apple products. It is important to buy new equipment only for cash, so that no one can track the transactions on your main card.

Install Tails OS and Tor Browser and use them instead of the default operating system.

Do not log into websites or applications using your real data.

Buy your own router for your home. You will need it so that the provider cannot determine the MAC addresses of your devices and, accordingly, identify you. This way, the ISP will only see the MAC address of your router, which poses no risk to you.

Never go online from the same place. Even if you take all the necessary precautions, you will be found. The state and corporations have all the means to do this. Also, never turn on your phone where your “anonymous” device works. This is important because any activity on your primary phone will nullify all anonymity.

It is curious that the author writes about Telegram. Telegram is now considered a great and secure alternative to WhatsApp. However, experts have found out that Telegram servers can be compromised and gain access to critical data. In addition, they were able to easily retrieve messages encrypted by the application even after they were deleted from the device.

So what is left for us? Mitnick recommends downloading applications that support the end-to-end encryption protocol Off The Record. An ideal messaging application should also include Perfect Forward Secrecy technology. There are several such applications. For example, ChatSecure. The author considers the best application to be Signal from Open Whisper Systems, which runs on iOS and Android. And then there is Tor Messenger, which is good at protecting data, but will be quite difficult for a beginner to use.

To maintain anonymity or not – everyone decides for himself. In his book The Art of Being Invisible, Kevin Mitnick shares shocking details about just how far governments and corporations can go to watch us. They know a lot more about us than we can imagine. History has never known such a large-scale and uncontrolled surveillance. Therefore, it is important for each of us to know the basics of internet hygiene. The main thing is not to go beyond the law. Be sure to read this book, it will teach you a lot!

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