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Use these tips to sustain a neat warehouse

A warehouse is one of the many places on earth where things feel like chaos sometimes, and there isn’t any set way to get turn that confusion into a neat utopia. What you can do though, is turn that chaos and control it and create an environment that is controlled. There is a lot happening in a warehouse, so being able to keep it neat is a very hard but important job in the midst of this controlled chaos. But it is not an impossible job, and in this blog post, we will show you how. No one benefits from a warehouse that is just chaotic, not the customers, not the employees, and definitely not the company. So, keep reading to find out more.

Tip #1: Make sure everything has its place

The layout of the warehouse should make sense to the employees as well. One of the most used ways to achieve the most useful layout and sensible product placement is by following the ABC organizing method. 

The way it’s done is by putting the most sold/popular product that’s in stock in the easiest place for the warehouse employees to get to. Typically, this is at eye level on a shelf or in the front of the warehouse. The less popular the item is to sell in the company, the less easy it has to be to get it. So, the products that are the least popular could be on the highest shelf since they won’t be needed as much.

Tip #2: Regularly refresh inventory

It’s an important job anyways to see which products are selling the best and which ones are selling the worst. This is important because then you will know which item to keep selling to customers. This is also important because the warehouse cannot be filled with products that are not selling, this will essentially be taking up space from the products that do sell. So always make sure the inventory reflects that.

Tip #3: Make sure there is enough space

Running out of space in a warehouse will be a nightmare situation to come across. This is why preparation is necessary. There are many ways you can prevent a lack of space from occurring in the warehouse. Helpful items to invest in for this purpose are mezzanine floors. Once installed in the warehouse it creates an extra floor that can be used for storage space or even office space. If the extra space is not needed anymore, the mezzanine floor can be taken down and saved for the next time.